6 Ways to Do on Site Marketing and Advertising with Digital Signage

Want to know how to get the most out of your on-site marketing with the help of digital advertising screens? Look no further.
WRITTEN BY: TelemetryTV, 01-11-2021
6 Ways to Do on Site Marketing and Advertising with Digital Signage

Digital signage is an ideal tool for marketers looking to make an instant and lasting impact in the minds of consumers. But despite numerous studies proving that digital signage drastically increases customer engagement and recall rates, many marketers are still hesitant to adopt the dynamic technology into their arsenal—even though it is rapidly growing in usage across nearly every other industry.


One reason for the lack of adoption of digital signage for marketing is the lack of clear information on how to use screens and other digital displays to get the most out of on-site marketing. With that said, we’re here to paint a clearer picture and show you how with just a little investment and a thoughtful strategy, you can improve your on-site advertising game significantly.



What is on-site marketing with digital signage?


Digital signage for on-site marketing is the use of a network of digital displays in a physical area to push content in order to move consumers to action or achieve another desired goal. Think screens displaying branded content, third-party ads, and other promotional material.


Unlike traditional signage, which is stale and bland in nature, digital signage for marketing is dynamic—thanks to scheduled content and playlists—and much more eye-catching—thanks to large, high resolution, vivid displays.


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Why use digital signage during a pandemic?


We understand that times have been extremely tough for physical stores and businesses during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Luckily, the same digital signs you use for your on-site marketing could also be leveraged to help your company stay open and function in a safe and responsible manner.


For example, you could use your screens to display CDC recommended safety guidelines, to inform consumers without them needing to ask for one-on-one help, and to communicate with employees in ways that maintain social distancing.



How to use digital signage for on-site marketing


If you’re going to have effective on-site digital signage marketing, then you’re going to need a coherent strategy that fuels it. Put simply, that means you’ll need to formulate goals, i.e. what exact business-boosting objectives do you want your digital signs to accomplish?


The best way to come up with a top-notch digital signage marketing strategy is to know your brand goals and audience inside and out. What are your targeted audience’s pain points? What are their needs and desires? What do you want them to see on your screens? And when and where do you want them to see it?


Here are six highly effective ways to use digital signage for your on-site marketing:


1. Build brand awareness


Boosting brand awareness with digital signage is something no business should forego. It allows you to show off your brand and its identity on screens that are dynamic and visually stunning.


There are many ways to do this, but we recommend using your brand’s logo whenever possible, creating content that highlights your brand’s color palette whenever possible, and also telling your brand’s story and guiding principles through the use of video content.


Just remember, when crafting content for digital signage, simple and clean are usually best. So avoid any unnecessary noise and clutter.


2. Deals and sales


The next most obvious use case for your in-store screens is to push special promotions. By highlighting limited-time deals and sales on your digital signage, you can considerably increase foot-traffic into your business.


For the most part, the same principles apply to promotions on digital signage as they do for traditional signage. Use large fonts, contrasting colors, and always follow tried and true calls-to-action (CTAs) principles. Use strong verbs, provide a clear value proposition, and hype up the urgency and scarcity of the deal.


3. Events


Promoting events with digital signage can come in many forms. If you’re a university, this could mean informing students about an upcoming school pep rally or a guest speaker. For a local bar, it could mean highlighting a special party coming up in a few weeks. Or in a corporate setting, it could be to draw attention to a workplace meet and greet.


Whatever the case, digital displays in your company’s physical space should be used to drive attendance to any events that boost participation and engagement with your brand.


4. QR codes and digital menus


In the past few years, digital menus and QR codes have really caught on in restaurants. And it’s not really hard to see why.


For one, QR codes are extremely convenient to use. They allow customers to quickly open menus on their smartphone or can quickly direct them to the sign-up page for a loyalty program.


And two, digital menus are easily updatable, which is great for restaurants with rotating menus or regular promotions. Digital menus also allow patrons to see all your mouthwatering food and beverages in glorious high definition, which in turn will boost sales.


5. Additional income streams with digital signage advertising


Businesses can also use their screens to run third-party ads and generate an additional revenue stream. This is especially true in spaces that see a lot of foot traffic—like corporate offices, hospitals and clinics, university and school campuses, as well as malls, airports, and stadiums.


As with all advertising, just make sure the ads on your screens fit in with your overall brand image and that it lives up to certain content standards. Also, don’t run so many ads that it turns your audience off from all the other great content flowing from your screens.


6. Social media engagement


Lastly, businesses should always look to integrate social media into their digital signage. Merging social media and digital signage does all of the following:


  • Increases brand visibility
  • Drives engagement and interaction
  • Allows businesses to highlight user-generated content like glowing reviews or buzz
  • Encourages word-of-mouth marketing
  • Gives brands a modern image
  • Creates more loyal customers
  • Develops an online following


Don’t just stream your social media feed and call it a day though. Showcase brand interactions with customers, highlight interesting customer stories, and push humorous or fun posts about your brand. Simply put, make it interesting. Not just a scrolling series of posts that are easily ignored by those who see it.



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