September Product Update

This month, TelemetryTV is excited to introduce new product features that will assist business in better creating, managing and displaying content. 
WRITTEN BY: TelemetryTV, 09-10-2020
September Product Update

We understand the importance of innovating and constantly improving the capabilities associated with digital signage to improve each individual experience. Thats why this September, we are announcing two new features: InfoBar App & Media Tagging. 

InfoBar App

Easily displaying dynamic content is an integral element to any business looking to derive the benefits of digital signage. 

The latest InfoBar is a new tool to display a variety of content all within one, easy-to-use app. Using the InfoBar app allows customers to: 

  • Easily display a rotating page with a clock, weather notice, message(s), an RSS Feed, or even twitter all in one easy to use App.
  • Refresh different types of content by using the Transition and Refresh Interval 
  • Ability to a single, multiple, or no messages depending on your needs. 
  • Create a custom zone layout

Note: This feature is available on our free plan and up. 

Media Tagging

Use Tag Filtering to customize how a device interacts with playlists, pages and now media!

Media Tag Filtering will allow you to create playlists, while limiting certain media to certain devices, based on the tags that you have used. This feature allows for only media with tags matching at least one of the device tags to be displayed. If a device is not tagged, no media will be displayed.

Note: This feature is available on our free plan and up. 

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