Visual Communications for Distributed Teams

Keep your office and remote users informed and engaged wherever they are.

Used by Top Organizations All Over the World

Bring Your Distributed Team Together

Using TelemetryTV you can keep remote users aligned and informed with critical updates, dashboards, announcements, and live streams via their desktop computer.

Create Specific Content for Specific Teams

Ultimate Control & Customization

Set playlists for each group of your users. Show content and features that are relevant to them.

Deliver Critical Information To Users

Deliver Messages With Screen Takeovers

Take over your users’ remote screens with important real-time messages like state of the union live streams.

Display Company Dashboards Securely

Capture Data With The Webshots Application

Display Your Data On Any Screen Securely. Our webshots application allows you to capture any website and scale the webshot across thousands of screens, even if its behind a login screen.

Remote Management and Scalability

Manage All Of Your Screens From One Place

Whether you’re deploying 1 screen or 1000, TelemetryTV can automatically provision your devices at scale.

Build Transparency

Share Company News & Announcements

Ensure transparency within your organization by creating a centralized playlist for employees. Users will be able to see company news, latest announcements, reminders and more.

Flexible Deployment Options

Broadcast to Tablets Or Our Desktop Application

Broadcast to a variety of hardware including iPads or Android tablets, or to users Mac or Windows desktop computers.

Getting started is easy.

At TelemetryTV, you can easily deploy 10 or 1000s of devices.

People Love TelemetryTV

TelemetryTV’s content & device management makes managing and deploying digital signage systems easier than ever before.