Digital Signage for Enterprise

TelemetryTV's digital signage solution is built with security and privacy at its core.


Enterprise Grade Security & Compliance

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    Your Data is Safe and Secure

    TelemetryTV complies with the highest security standards like AICPA, SOC 2, and GDPR regulations.

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    SOC 2 Compliant Data Centers

    TelemetryTV services are hosted with Amazon AWS and Digital Ocean both SOC 2 compliant.

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    Global Infrastructure

    TelemetryTV’s data residency zones span across the world, helping you meet your data sovereignty requirements and performance goals.

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    Identity Management

    TelemetryTV integrates with major federated login systems like Okta or Active Directory, using open standards like SAML and SCIM.

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    Share Data Across the Organization

    With our iFrame based Web App, you can share content securely even if it’s behind a login screen.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It
TelemetryTV is recognized by leading software review sites like G2 Crowd, Capterra, Software Advice, and GetApp.

Maintain Control of Your Brand

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    Intuitive Content Management

    TelemetryTV’s Content Management System lets you easily create, manage, and schedule content and track engagement.

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    Powerful Visual Editor & Playlist Zones

    Access 1000s of templates, stock images, and layouts with our Canva integration. Move content to specific areas of the screen with playlist zones.

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    Share Content with Your Team

    Leverage the power of team colloboration. Use TelemetryTV’s smart folders to maintain brand compliance and share assets to only the business units you designate.

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    Localize your Playlist Automatically

    Localilze playlist at scale with our tags feature. Tagged content pages will only play in their designated regions.

“The team at TTV actually listen to their clients needs. They make my screens look sexy and me look really smart."
Angel Urena
Dir. Enterprise Application Services

An Enterprise Plan To Succeed At Scale

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    Advanced User Roles & Permissions

    Establish user roles and permissions to manage who has access to your screens, content, and account features.

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    Automatic and Simple Device Provisioning

    Whether you’re deploying 1 screen or 1000, TelemetryTV can automatically provision your devices at scale.

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    Proof of Play Logging

    See when, where and how many times your content played.

Software Review Ratings

Ease of Use
Digital Signage
Average: 8.4
Quality of Support
Digital Signage
Average: 8.9
Ease of Setup
Digital Signage
Average: 8.8

Platforms That Provide Unmatched Flexibility

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    Platform Flexibility

    Don’t get tied to proprietary hardware, you can deploy our Desktop software on MacOS and Windows and our Player software on Android, Windows, ChromeOS and more.

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    Custom App & HTML SDK

    TelemetryTV's powerful API and HTML SDK let you automate any process and allows you to create completely customized apps.

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    Turnkey Integration

    Get up and going quickly with a library of over 70+ beautiful turnkey visuals. From live weather to Twitter to your favourite RSS feeds.

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    Remote Display Management

    Remotely update and troubleshoot your displays in TelemetryTV’s advanced device management interface. Support for RS-232 serial commands lets you manage display settings from wherever you are.

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    Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose

    Stream all log events into 3rd party data lakes, data stores and analytics services. Build custom reports using your favourite reporting tools.

Angel Urena
Director of Enterprise Application Services
"The team at TelemetryTV actually listen to their clients needs. They make my screens look sexy and me look really smart."
golden stargolden stargolden stargolden stargolden star
Josh Chadd
Systems Engineer
"The TelemetryTV user experience is excellent."
golden stargolden stargolden stargolden stargolden star
Justin Price
Ass. Communication Technologies Engineer
"TelemetryTV makes spreading awareness a simple task."
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Professional Services

Dedicated Account Manager
Dedicated Account Manager
Receive complimentary strategy sessions and support to set up your first playlist with your dedicated enterprise account manager.
Custom Integration and App Development
Custom Integration and App Development
Leverage and integrate 3rd party web applications to build content and share across end-points.
Pilot Projects
Pilot Projects
Your enterprise account manager will help you get started in setting up your pilot project, and be there every step of the way.
Hardware Assistance
Hardware Assistance
Our device specialists can assist in the procurement and setup of hardware so you can make the most of our solution.
Strategy and Project Management
Strategy and Project Management
Create content that will impact your audience. We will help you define your implementation strategy to ensure you can exceed your digital signage goals.
Custom MSA / SLA
Custom MSA / SLA
Work with your account manager to set key criteria specific to your needs.