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Why Use Digital Signage for Retail?

Digital signage has come a long way from on-premise platforms and servers. Today more and more organizations are turning to cloud-based digital signage solutions to provide seamless communication to staff and visitors regardless of office size or number of locations.

Share key information with guests and visitors
Share key information with guests and staff
Share key information with guests and staff
Create a visceral vision of who their company is and what it believes in
Create a visceral vision of who their company is and what it believes in
Save shoppers and staff time
Save shoppers and staff time
Improve organization-wide communications so that all employees are aware of what's going on
Improve organization-wide communications so that all employees are aware of what's going on
Increase sales
Increase sales
Align employees, increasing productivity
Align employees, increasing productivity

TelemetryTV Benefits for Retail

Centralized Control

  • Provides retailers  with an extensive, connected network of digital signage to push consistent and unified strategic material.
  • Elevates the overall perception of the business to shoppers and prospective employees as an organization that leverages and welcomes the benefits of new technology. 
  • Provides organizations with an efficient centralized communication system for emergency messaging. 

Realtime Dashboards

TelemetryTV’s boards allow you to create powerful, real-time, data driven dashboards which you can update instantly through our comprehensive API. Create metrics for all of your important organizational parameters and let TelemetryTV update and aggregate them for you.

Integration with G Suite for Business

G Suite for Education is a set of tools that allow educators to communicate effectively with students and create opportunities for learning. G Suite for Education tools are powerful on their own, but work even better together.

All TelemetryTV subscriptions include integrations with:

  • Google Calendar
  • Google Docs
  • Google Sheets
  • Google Slides
Robust User Permissions

Robust User Permissions

When your organization has multiple users and lots of content things can get out of hand quickly. TelemetryTV’s powerful user permission settings allow you to easily manage who can add, remove, and update content.

Remote Management and Scalability

Whether you are deploying 10’s or 100’s of devices TelemetryTV has got you covered. TelemetryTV is built on Google’s Chrome ecosystem, allowing you to automatically provision many devices at scale using Chrome device management. Display and manage content across multiple buildings with ease, from wherever you are.

Remote Management and Scalability

See What Our Customers are Saying...

We love how easy it is to create professional looking boards for each building in our school district.

Customer Quotes Avatar
Ryan Sgammato
Port Jefferson School District

Telemetry has allowed us to be imaginative. With basically infinite possible input source data and media, and a tremendous diversity in displays paths.

Customer Quotes Avatar
Ian Bell
Roster Bot

TelemetryTV is one of the most cost-effective and user-friendly interfaces for getting digital signage in your business.

Customer Quotes Avatar
Nick Somers
Invisionate Studios

Great well rounded application for digital signage and real-time dashboards.

Customer Quotes Avatar
Jeremy Smillie
E-xact Transactions

Ive used most of the major digital signage CMSs out there and TelemetryTV is the easiest to use by far.

Customer Quotes Avatar
Mike Zentz
10net Managed Solutions

I had the entire system up and running within a few hours on 4 different TVs.

Customer Quotes Avatar
Steward Zywicki
Blue Harbor Resort

The TelemetryTV user experience is excellent. We were able to easily customize the interface exactly to our brand and franchisees' needs.

Customer Quotes Avatar
Jared Meyer
Camp Bow Wow

TelemetryTV changed our whole operation and saved us hours of work, communication, and headaches!

Customer Quotes Avatar
Marco Fratarcangeli
Vancouver International Film Festival

A great tool for communication with staff, parents, and students in an engaging, fun format.

Customer Quotes Avatar
Ann Foland
Liverpool Centre School District

TelemetryTV made a very straight forward platform that anyone can use.

Customer Quotes Avatar
Brian Footit
Notre Dame High School

As a startup company, our needs are ever changing and TelemetryTV has been there for us every step of the way."

Customer Quotes Avatar
Jeff Onofreychuk
Delta 9

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