Digital Signage Features

Digital Signage Software Features

TelemetryTV is the easiest way to transform screens into a powerful engagement tool.

Beautiful with Canva

Manage Your Screens With A Few Clicks Of A Mouse

TelemetryTV’s content management and device management makes managing and deploying digital signage systems easier than ever before.

Content Management

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    Drag and drop content curation

    Layout your content in the way you like.

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    Automate and schedule playlists

    Schedule or set rules to determine when and where your content displays.

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    Display multiple pieces of content on one screen with zones

    Divide your screen into regions and display a dynamic grid of different types of content.

Design Something Beautiful with Canva

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    Drive Brand Consistency

    With photos right inside our canva integration, and thousands of templates for every kind of design, it’s easy to create graphics that impress.

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    Unleash & Express Creativity

    The easiest way to create stunning graphics for your digital signage playlist. Made with the non-designer in mind.

Canva Integration

Screen Takeovers

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    Event Driven

    Trigger screen overrides via API and relay important information from 3rd party systems.

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    Manually Triggered

    With a single click, display time critical information on a one off basis.

Screen Takeovers

70+ beautiful apps & integrations

Choose from our growing list of apps that connect to your favorite services, making displaying engaging content even easier.

70+ apps and integrations

Device Management at Scale

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    Automatic and simple provisioning

    Whether you’re deploying 1 screen or 1000, TelemetryTV can automatically provision your devices at scale.

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    Uptime reporting & notifications

    View the percentage uptime of all your devices at a glance to help identify problems in advance.

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    Works offline

    TelemetryTV caches content to your local device for playback performance or internet interruptions

Deploy devices at scale

Real-time Dashboards

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    Build custom dashboards

    Leverage our Metrics Apps to build your own secure and custom dashboards, directly within your TelemetryTV account.

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    Universal integration of dashboard software

    Integrate virtually any dashboard into your signs via our iFrame integration, even if it’s behind a login screen.

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    Native Grafana dashboard integration

    Share your Grafana dashboard with your team and foster a data driven culture.

Create dashboards with grafana, PowerBI, Domo, Geckoboard, and more

Getting Started Is Easy.

At TelemetryTV, you can easily deploy 1 or 1000s of screens.

Professional Functionality

Groups and Permissions
Groups and Permissions
Partition your users into groups who can only see and manage the content you allow.
Automate and Schedule Playlists
Automate and Schedule Playlists
Create scheduling rules to show your content where and when you want it. You
Device Provisioning
Device Provisioning
Avoid setting up devices one by one, instead provision at scale using tokens and systems like Chrome Device Management.
Playlist Approvals
Playlist Approvals
Let your users create content but insert an approval process with notifications for when new content is created.
All of our functionality is available through an API, letting you automate any process you like.
Proof of Play
Proof of Play
Track proof of play and create advertising campaigns with exportable reports.
Beautiful with Canva

Screens Tailored To Your Use Case

Displaying captivating content specifically created to your screen’s orientation. Get started with landscape, portrait, video walls, or interactive screens that will ‘wow’ your audience.

Multiple Orientations

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    Leave a lasting impression with landscape-oriented digital signage.

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    Rotate your displays vertically to create eye-catching content.

Multiple Orientations for digital signage screens

Interact With Your Audiences

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    Interactive Touch Screens

    Transform your environment with touchscreen digital signage that will boost engagement and allow you to commicate with your audience.

Kiosk For Digital Sigange

Stunning Video Walls

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    Bring your lobby to life

    Create an immersive visual experience with multi-screen video walls.

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    Eye-popping resolution

    Choose any screen resolution from 1080P to 8K.

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    Design content for any layout

    Create a flexible canvas for your video wall with your own custom aspect ratio and zone grids.

3x3 4K+ video wall
Beautiful with Canva

Cross Platform Integration

Deploy your digital signage across Android, MacOS, ChromeOS, PWA, Windows or Linux.

Linux devices for digital signage
Android devices for digital signage
Windows devices for digital signage
ChromeOS devices for digital signage
PWA digital signage
Apple devices for digital signage

Hardware Flexibility

We don’t force you to buy our hardware. With software available on Android, Chrome, Windows, iOS and linux you can deploy on the hardware that you want.

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