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TelemetryTV is the easiest way to transform screens into a powerful engagement tool.


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Create your content

Publish your playlists

Manage your Screens with a few Clicks of a Mouse

TelemetryTV’s content management and device management makes managing and deploying digital signage systems easier than ever before.

Content Management

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    Drag and Drop Content Curation

    Layout your content in the way you like.

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    Automate and Schedule Playlists

    Create scheduling rules to show your content where and when you want it. You can apply cross playlist visuals. You can also apply cross playlist visuals such as a logo, the weather, and the time. Tag and filter content how you see fit.

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    Display Multiple Pieces of Content on one Screen with Zones

    Customize your screens to show your content in any format you’d like. Use our Zones feature to display multiple pieces of content on a single slide.

Device Management at Scale

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    Automatic and Simple Provisioning

    Whether you’re deploying 1 screen or 1000, TelemetryTV can automatically provision your devices at scale.

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    Uptime Reporting & Notification

    View the percentage uptime of all your devices at a glance, helping identify problems in advance and receive notifications when a device goes offline or content fails to play as expected.

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    Health Notifications

    Get notified when a device is offline or fails to play content as expected.

Device Management at Scale

Desktop App

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    Broadcast Content to Distributed teams

    Layout your content in the way you like

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    Deliver Critical Information to Users with Screen Overrides

    Take over your users’ remote screens with important real time messages like state of the union live streams or campus emergency alerts.

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    Powerful Adminstration

    Control your digital signage content and devices from a complete optimized app.

Desktop App

Turnkey Integration into 70+ Apps.

Choose from our growing list of apps that connect to your favorite services, making displaying engaging content even easier.
Turnkey Integration into 70+ Apps.

Display Overrides/ Takeovers

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    Put up content on a schedule. Great for onboarding new employees or informing your entire office of your standup meeting.

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    Event Driven

    Trigger screen overrides via API and relay important information from 3rd party systems.

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    Manually Triggered

    Display time critical information on a one off basis. With a single click you can relay information across your entire organization.

Display Overrides/ Takeovers

Digital Signage Video Walls

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    Limitless Screens, Limitless Potential

    Create video walls only limited by the power of the hardware you can throw at it.

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    Display your Content at Full Resolution

    Take your 4K image and spread it across as many screens as you want. Unlike our competitors, TelemetryTV lets you use every pixel on your video wall for a full immersive experience.

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    Cost Effective Devices and Licensing

    Display different content on multiple screens from a single device saving on both device costs and licensing costs.

Digital Signage Video Walls

Digital Signage Dashboards

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    Universal Integration of your Favorite Dashboard Software

    Integrate virtually any dashboard into your signs via our iFrame integration. Our scripting engine allows you to display dashboards even if they are behind a login screen.

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    Native Grafana Dashboard Integration

    TelemetryTV’s native integration gives you the flexibility to integrate Grafana within your digital signage playlists.

Digital Signage Dashboards

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Professional Functionality

Groups and Permissions:
Groups and Permissions:
Partition your users into groups who can only see and manage the content you allow.
Single Sign On:
Single Sign On:
Federate your enterprise authentication directly using SAML or through the Okta Integration Network.
Device Provisioning:
Device Provisioning:
Avoid setting up devices one by one, instead provision at scale using tokens and systems like Chrome Device Management.
Playlist Approvals:
Playlist Approvals:
Let your users create content but insert an approval process with notifications for when new content is created.
TelemetryTV's powerful API and HTML SDK let you automate any process and allows you to create completely customized apps.
Proof of Play:
Proof of Play:
Track proof of play and create advertising campaigns with exportable reports.
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Cross Platform Integration

Deploy your digital signage across Android, MacOs, ChromeOs, PWA, Windows or Linux

Hardware Flexibility

We don’t force you to buy our hardware. With software available on Android, Chrome, Windows, iOS and linux you can deploy on the hardware that you want.

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TelemetryTV makes managing and deploying digital signage easier than ever.