TelemetryTV Features

TelemetryTV Features
Cloud-Based Digital Signage
TelemetryTV is a cloud-based service with no need for content management on your site. You just need to download and deploy our software media players on your chosen hardware platform that you deploy and manage yourself.
Full Offline Support
Even though it’s a cloud service TelemetryTV works offline, showing the most recent versions of your content available. When the Internet comes back online the devices will sync back up automatically.
Everything in Realtime
TelemetryTV is based on an event driven architecture. Everything changes in real time as you modify your configuration of your signage. No waiting for synchronization.

Hundreds of Stock Backgrounds

TelemetryTV Photography
TelemetryTV Animated Illustrations
Animated Illustrations
TelemetryTV Videos

Board Editor

Design your own visuals using TelemetryTV’s built in board editor that lets you design your canvas the way you want. You can even place real-time data widgets that update instantly through an API.

Powerful Playlists

Create complex scheduling rules to show your content when you want it. You can also apply cross playlist visuals such as a logo, the weather, and the time. Tag and filter content how you see fit.

Video Walls

TelemetryTV lets you easily build video walls where the content spans multiple displays at once, or use each display independently.

Playlist Zones

Organize your playlist pages in to zones each with different content allowing you to easily and quickly communicate your message.

Display Overrides

Create scheduled, event driven, or manually triggered overrides for your playlists that take over content and display a critical message when you need it. You can apply the override organization wide with a single click.

Device Management at Scale

Automatic Provisioning
Using Chrome Device Management you can automatically provision new devices.
Uptime Reporting
View the percentage uptime of all your devices at a glance, helping identify problems in advance.
Status Notifications
Get notified when a device is offline or fails to play content as expected.

For Your Organization

User Group
Granular Permissions
SAML Logins
Playlist Publishing
TelemetryTV is designed to power your organization and its complex hierarchy and structure. You can portion access where needed and create groupings of users with specific permissions for certain areas.
You can also allow certain users to design your signage, yet require approval from another set of users, letting you create workflows that ensure the quality of what you’re placing on your digital signs.

Realtime Dashboards

TelemetryTV’s boards allow you to create powerful, real-time, data driven dashboards which you can update instantly through our comprehensive API. Create metrics for all of your important organizational parameters and let TelemetryTV update and aggregate them for you.

Content Delivery Network

Use TelemetryTV's content delivery network to stream images and videos and have them cached on your devices. Place thousands of media files in shared folders and collaborate with your teammates at your organization. Apply permissions to user groups, allowing for the right person to access the right item.

From $7 per Display per Month

Based on yearly subscriptions. Discounts available for eduction customers and yearly subscriptions.
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