How TelemetryTV Makes PoC3 Compliance Easy

Here's how TelemetryTV's all-in-one digital signage platform can help your point-of-care advertising company become PoC3 certified and get more new customers.
WRITTEN BY: TelemetryTV, 07-01-2021
How TelemetryTV Makes PoC3 Compliance Easy

Point of Care (POC) media companies deliver information anywhere and everywhere a consumer is receiving care via an interaction with a healthcare professional. In short, PoC3 certification is proof that your organization is acting ethically and effectively when it comes to healthcare communications at the point of care.


Organizations that obtain PoC3 certification are able to boost patient and physician education and engagement, while also improving healthcare outcomes.


It’s important to understand, however, that not all digital signage providers will allow you to become PoC3 certified. The digital signage provider offers features that are in accordance with the PoC3 Verification and Validation Guidance.

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The current PoC3 environment


Due to past scandals and for other obvious reasons, PoC3’s regulatory body has imposed strict measures on healthcare marketing practices at the point of care. This is for two major reasons. The first, is to ensure ethical and appropriate medical marketing, and second, to make sure that healthcare communications drive patient education and engagement above all else.



Why choosing the right digital signage provider is important if you want to become PoC3 certified


The PoC3 regulatory body is meant to maintain certain standardized levels across healthcare communications at the POC. Since so many healthcare organizations are adopting digital signage to communicate with patients and staff, it’s quite obvious that it needs to meet these standards for organizations that want get PoC3 Compliant.


TelemetryTV's digital signage software was sculpted from the ground up with PoC3 compliance in mind, which is why it comes with numerous features that make PoC3 certification much easier to achieve.



Essential digital signage features for PoC3 certification


  • Proof of play: View detailed log reports of each user’s activity on your account.
  • High uptime guarantees: TelemetryTV allows you to maintain your uptime obligations.
  • Advanced ad campaign management: Track ad plays across multiple devices, locations, and playlists.
  • Kinesis Firehose Data Streaming: Log all events into third-party data stores and analytics services.
  • Deliver context-aware content: Target specific content to specific audience groups.
  • Automatic provisioning: Easily deploy and manage screens at scale.
  • SOC2 compliant: TelemetryTV meets SOC2 standards for client data protection.



Bonus digital signage features To Meet PoC3 Guidelines


  • Custom software integration: TelemetryTV’s API integrations leverage the info your organization needs in order to succeed.
  • Video playback: Upload and store videos instead of streaming to increase reliability.
  • Works offline: Cache content so it works even if you lose internet connection.
  • Kiosk mode: Lock screens to a specific app so tampering doesn’t occur.

How we make PoC3 compliance easy


In addition to the digital signage features mentioned above, TelemetryTV's PoC3 compliant digital signage software makes getting certified easy for a few major reasons: Scalability, Accountability & Transparency, Product Flexibility, Security, and Team & Expertise.


1. Scalability


Meeting PoC3 requirements on the macro-level is a lot harder than on the micro-level. As healthcare organizations grow, guaranteeing minimal PoC3 standards is a lot more complicated. With digital signage software that effectively scales, you can ensure your healthcare communications always stay in line with PoC3 regulations.


TelemetryTV has proven itself time and time again to be able to handle content deployment at scale without diminishing reliability or efficiency.


2. Accountability & Transparency


TelemetryTV also helps organizations obtain PoC3 certification thanks to the accountability and transparency it provides, which comes in the form of detailed tracking and reporting information. Ad campaigns can be highly targeted and honed down to the finest details, while user activity can also be tracked to ensure ethical behavior of all parties involved.


3. Product Flexibility


TelemetryTV's software also offers a lot in the way of flexibility and customization. This includes an easy-to-use and robust CMS, custom workflows, API integrations, dozens of pre-built apps and templates, custom web apps, and much more. If you can imagine it, then the TelemetryTV app can probably do it.


4. Compliance & Security


Not only is TelemetryTV designed to be both PoC3 and SOC2 audited and compliant, but it is also built to maintain data sovereignty which can help you meet legal requirements like GDPR Data on the TelemetryTV app is always secure.


5. Team & Expertise


TelemetryTV also offers top-of-the-line customer support that can handle everything from migration, implementation, and issue resolution for your healthcare organization. On top of that, the TelemetryTV team of experts can consult you on how to best use your digital signage to help achieve PoC3 certification.



Getting started with TelemetryTV


If you want to know more about how TelemetryTV’s digital signage software can help your organization obtain or maintain PoC3 certification, sign up for a free trial today or contact our team at any time.

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