6 Ways to Use Digital Signage for Healthcare

6 Ways to Use Digital Signage for Healthcare
November 29, 2019

Hospitals aren’t the most predictable or easy-to-manage environments. That’s why you need robust digital signage on your side.

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It’s safe to say that hospitals and other healthcare facilities are difficult to manage. There are dozens of moving parts to keep track of, countless people to oversee, and hundreds of patients and visitors at any given time. Needless to say, keeping everything flowing smoothly is a constant uphill battle.


Digital signage for healthcare can make a massive difference though. In fact, it’ll boost how your hospital is run, increase revenue opportunities, improve operational efficiency, and make your hospital’s patient and visitor experience much, much better.


Medical facilities—from small clinics and surgery centers to giant hospitals—can utilize digital signage in a wide variety of ways and gain huge benefits. Here are the top six uses for healthcare digital signage.


1. Better waiting room experiences


In nearly every healthcare facility, long waits are pretty much inevitable. I mean, we’ve all been there. Stuck in a hospital waiting room twiddling our thumbs for what seems like forever. It’s not very enjoyable.


But it doesn’t necessarily have to be a miserable experience, though. On the contrary, digital signage in hospitals can make wait times a lot more bearable.


For one, hospitals can use screens to broadcast entertaining and informative content such as live TV, news, and engaging videos. These can serve to distract patients who are experiencing longer than expected wait times to see one of your doctors.


On top of that, estimated wait times and queue numbers could be displayed to eliminate uncertainty and anxiety. Sure, it’s a pretty small thing, but trust us your patients will appreciate it.

Plus, they’ll know if they have time to run to the bathroom or go grab some food from the cafe.


2. Digital menu boards


Speaking of your hospital’s cafe… It can be time consuming and labor intensive constantly updating and changing the traditional menus you might still be using.


That’s why installing digital menu boards is a must. It can save your employees wasted hours which could be better used elsewhere.


That’s because digital menus are super simple to configure and can also be set to automatically update based on the time of day. No more unnecessary switching out of the breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus—or constantly changing daily specials or promotions.


What’s even better about digital menu boards though is that they can display your food items in a flashy and mouthwatering way thanks to their high resolutions. Which means more and more customers won’t be able to resist the temptation of what’s on display.


3. Increased revenue streams


One of digital signage’s top uses in any industry is advertising. Healthcare digital signage is no exception.


In fact, hospitals can secure marketing partnerships with reputable local businesses by touting their digital signage network, which should be an easy thing to do. Why? Well, almost every business would love the idea of marketing their products or services to the constant stream of new people passing in and out of your hospital.


And don’t stop there. In addition to gaining a new revenue stream through advertising, healthcare facilities should also deploy digital donor boards to attract donations from both small-and-large donors. The best way to do this is by showing potential donors that you care about their charitable efforts.


Think digital donor walls that display in-depth profiles of top donors or the status of projects being carried out through donor funding, or even a scrolling list of donor names.


4. Easier navigation


Hospitals and other medical facilities are oftentimes huge and, in turn, complex structures to navigate. The last thing you want to happen is an ailing patient immediately getting lost.


To remedy this, use interactive wayfinding kiosks, digital directories, and other screens to show patients and visitors exactly where they need to go or how to contact the person they need to be in touch with. This will eliminate the hassle for them and will make everything flow a lot smoother in your building.


It’s best to place wayfinding screens in lobbies, entrances, and other high-traffic meeting points. That way, more people will have access to them.


5. Educate patients


As any healthcare professional knows, promoting healthy habits and preventative healthcare is super important. Perhaps even maybe the most important aspect of healthcare.


That’s why healthcare providers should use every tool available to them to promote healthy living in all aspects of life, and digital signs are the perfect means to accomplish this.


Why? Well, due to their inherent eye-catching nature, digital displays are almost impossible to ignore. This means that important messaging and content broadcast on them will likely be consumed in a more meaningful and lasting way.


In the context of hospitals, this means healthier patients and less repeat visitors needing care or clogging up your hospital’s already overcrowded hallways and beds.


It turns out, digital signage is exactly what the doctor ordered.


6. Employee communications


Having your entire staff on the same page is of course extremely difficult, but it’s also the best thing to guarantee high quality care for patients.


That means nailing your employee-facing digital signage is an absolute must. Some examples include informing your nurses and doctors about a hospital policy change, emergency notifications that find your staff exactly when and where they are at any given moment, or even just reminding staff to observe proper sanitation practices in various settings.


These are all things a network of digital screens can easily accomplish. And as a result, your staff members can always stay cohesive and collaborative—even under the most intense and stressful circumstances.


 In the always busy healthcare environment, it’s important to have every advantage that you can get, which most certainly includes digital signage.


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