New TelemetryTV Product Updates

Spring is in full effect and the TelemetryTV team has released some new features!
WRITTEN BY: TelemetryTV, 04-22-2021
New TelemetryTV Product Updates

We’ve been busy at TelemetryTV and we are happy to announce new product features to improve your digital signage experience, including a brand new application, SAML login support and updates to our TITAN K12 App

The Metrics App

From data to dashboards, the Metrics App makes it easy to monitor all your business KPIs.

Our new Metrics App allows users to easily visualize metric values that will keep your organization running smoothly. Metrics Apps function just like metrics widgets in boards. Beyond representing static data entries, Metrics apps can also be used to perform various calculations on your streaming real-time data which are called Transformations.

Some of the Metrics available within the Metrics App include:

  • Metrics Bar Chart

Visualize a Metric in real-time through a bar graph. The graph can be stylized as a Spline, Line, Area, Scatter, Bar, Stacked Bar or Horizontal Bar and with a color design of preference.

  • Metrics Gauge

The Metrics Gauge tracks progress towards a goal, current performance, or other KPI visualizations.

  • Metrics Leaderboard

Display real-time table data ranked from highest to lowest. Rank your team's activities such as who closed the biggest deal, highest customer support reply times, top selling products and more

For more features and information about the Metrics App check out our Help Documentation.

SAML Login

TelemetryTV now supports SAML Login which allows users to authenticate their identity using third party credentials. 

SAML, which is an XML based communication tool for sharing and authenticating user identity between organizations, allows users to login using third party application credentials. For example, using your Outlook Email to login to TelemetryTV.

By configuring your SAML Identity Provider with TelemetryTV, you can login directly to your account using only your Team name and a third party identity authentication such as an email login. Instead of having to create a name and password for your Telemetry account, you simply enter your Team's name and then login using a third party email which authenticates the users identity to the app. This means that you can efficiently login into many applications with the same account login credentials.

A SAML login system is particularly useful for organizations with a large amount of staff who need to log into many different applications. Using SAML authentication is more efficient for both the account admin and the end user. The end user can log into many different applications on a day to day basis without worrying about having to manage many different passwords. As SAML can be mapped from a single central account to many different applications, the admin can create or revoke users' authentication for multiple account logins with a single setting. 

To learn how to configure SAML on your account check out our help documentation here.

TITAN K 12 Menu App updates

Our Titan Menu app now supports options to "Show tomorrow's menu" which will show the next day's menu instead of today's, and "Display serving date" which will show the serving date for each menu item. You can toggle these features on and off from the right-hand panel.


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