Top Benefits of Digital Menu Boards Software

Digital menu boards can make a major impact for your restaurant. Here’s everything you need to know about digital menu board software and how to use it.
WRITTEN BY: TelemetryTV, 03-01-2022
Top Benefits of Digital Menu Boards Software

By this point, the benefits of using digital signage are too good to pass on. Digital signage’s eye-catching, dynamic nature makes it nearly impossible to ignore. Plus, using videos, digital graphics, and a combination of different media make your signs—be they menu boards or other signs—far more appealing.

For menus in particular, you can use digital content to your advantage in a lot of ways. For example, showing mouthwatering videos of your food can entice hungry potential customers and help increase sales. Put simply, adding a digital menu board will make a major impact.

Digital signage can be used in a variety of other ways in restaurants as well. It’s a highly useful tool that any restaurant these days should be taking full advantage of. But the software is where it all starts.

With that said, what sort of software should you use? And how do you use it? Find out below.

Digital Menu Boards Software - How Does it Work?

Digital menu boards are simple to use, and require little to no training. That means you don’t need a designated expert to manage your digital menu board system, and you don’t need to spend hours troubleshooting because it’s all very intuitive and simplified.

Digital menus can be managed remotely from any device with a browser. All you have to do is log in and you’ll have full access to all of the management tools you need. That way, you can jump in and make additions or changes on the fly.

Editing prices, updating item availability, or adding new offerings is super easy with digital menus software. And since you can automate changes, switching menus from breakfast to lunch, or lunch to dinner couldn’t be easier.

You can even set holiday themes to appear in your digital menus for each and every upcoming holiday. All of this can be done by novice users with ease.  

Your cloud-based CMS (content management system) will also allow you to use templates, or create your own content through other apps like Canva, without even exiting the app. Integrated apps make your CMS software super convenient and full of functionality.

You’ll be able to craft your own digital menus easily. They’ll look professional thanks to a variety of pre-made content you can drag and drop.

The Benefits of Digital Menu Boards

Let’s be honest, traditional static menu boards are outdated, wasteful and simply won’t cut it anymore in the digital age. People have grown accustomed to viewing content on bright, vibrant screens that show dynamic content. You should use this to your advantage.

By phasing out boring old printed menus, you’ll be able to present the content of your menus in a way that resonates with your customers. Especially through the use of enticing videos of your food, the items on your menu will look far more appealing than before.

Indecisive customers will be able to simply watch your digital menu boards to get a better idea of what to order. With video clips of food being prepared fresh in your kitchen, their mouths will water, which of course translates to sales.

The fact is, digital signage is more attention-grabbing and attractive than plain old conventional printed menus. That alone is enough for digital menu boards to be a major upgrade over their static predecessors.

Last but not least, digital menus will allow you to cut costs in at least two ways: by reducing the bandwidth required to change, update, and edit your printed menus, and by eliminating the need to pay for menus to be printed.

Digital menus are far more efficient, and in the long run, they’re more economical too.

The Main Features of TelemetryTV Digital Menu App

First of all, the TelemetryTV digital menu app is totally free. That’s a major bonus for such a versatile and high-quality tool. Your restaurant should really be taking advantage of it already.

Our app also includes custom formatting for your screens, meaning you don’t have to worry about crafting your content perfectly to conform to the size of the screens you’ll show them on. It does that automatically right in the app, saving you a headache.

Make easy use of our pre-crafted playlist templates. All you need to do is select the content you’d like to make slides out of and put together a beautiful digital menu board playlist in minutes.

For crafting content from scratch, use our custom tools and get all of the functionality you need, and then some. In-app integrations streamline your content creation process, making it as easy as possible.

And with remote access to the TelemetryTV app, you or whoever you want to use it will have the freedom to access your CMS from anywhere, anytime.

Get Started Now with Digital Menu Boards from TelemetryTV

If you’ve been missing out on the benefits of digital menu boards, it’s never too late to get started. The initial investment will pay for itself in no time considering all of the ways that digital menus can help cut costs through saving resources. And that’s not to mention the fact that they can start increasing profits immediately.

Find out how your restaurant can leverage digital menu boards by signing up for a totally free 14-day trial of TelemetryTV now.

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