Digital Signage Vs Static Signage: Which is best for your business?

Digital signage is a far more versatile tool for delivering information. That’s not to say static signs are totally obsolete though. Here’s when you should use each
WRITTEN BY: TelemetryTV, 05-09-2022
Digital Signage Vs Static Signage: Which is best for your business?

Digital signage has been around for quite a while now, and within that time, it’s come a long way.

In the past, digital signage was cost-prohibitive for many businesses, especially those operating on a smaller scale.

But now, digital signage for business is much cheaper, much easier to use, and even more versatile. All you need are a few good displays (preferably commercial grade displays as opposed to consumer displays), media players to go with them, and a subscription to a great digital signage software provider like TelemetryTV.

In this post, we’ll go over the key benefits of digital signage compared to static signage in terms of how you can leverage it for your business.


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Why Digital Signage is so Effective

Digital signage allows you to display dynamic content like moving graphics and high-definition videos. You can mix and match different kinds of media and content too.

For example, you can have a social media ticker along the bottom of your display while playing video content and showing text over it. The sky’s the limit with digital signage.

Also, people are simply used to viewing content on digital screens these days. Put simply, bright, high contrast digital displays catch the eye and turn heads.

When is it Better to Stick with Static Signage?

For things that are always going to say the same thing and that don’t require any amount of convincing (e.g. ‘Men’s Room’), static signage is just fine. You don’t need to deck out your entire building with hundreds of digital screens anywhere there needs to be a sign.

But if it’s an area where people might like to interact with a screen that offers a variety of information (digital wayfinding, check-in kiosks, etc.), or a place that requires a bit of finesse to delivering your messaging (digital menu boards, employee facing screens, etc.), then digital signs are much better.

You might also have a need for things like plaques or extra large signs in front of buildings for example. But even then, you can still opt for digital if you want.

Save Resources and Bandwidth

Printed signage that needs to be updated or replaced often, such as menus, timetables, or any other content subject to change, ends up being wasteful.

The printing costs add up, making even minor adjustments takes longer than it needs to, and printed signs wear down and look old over time—especially if placed outdoors.

Digital signage is the way of the future. It offers all of the versatility that modern consumers have come to expect, while being more efficient and easier to manage.

Make the Most of Your Promotional Content

With attention-grabbing dynamic content, you’ll have at least a glance from anyone in the vicinity. And if your content is engaging enough, you should have their attention for as long as you need to deliver your messaging.

Digital screens glow, emitting light that attracts attention far more than static signs, which merely reflect ambient light. And frankly, content that is shown in a way that is similar to the mode of communication people are used to is far more likely to be noticed.

Go All the Way with Interactive Content

Being able to actually interact with a digital sign gives you an entirely new set of use cases. Users can open executable apps, give the information they need by typing things into a search bar, and pinch and zoom when they need to.

Reception area kiosks, digital wayfinding, and touch screen tablets with custom software that fits your business’ needs perfectly are just a few ideas for how you can leverage an interactive digital sign for business.

How Digital Signage Software Works

The advantages of digital billboards and promotional signs are numerous to say the least. But you might assume that digital signage requires some prior experience to use effectively. Actually, it’s super easy, meaning you can delegate managing your digital signage content to anyone on your team.

A cloud-based CMS (content management system) makes changes or additions super easy. All you do is log in from literally any device with browser support to make quick adjustments at any moment.

Crafting your own content is also super simple with native app support for Canva and a variety of other powerful tools. These combined with included templates let you craft entire playlists in no time.

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