Top Recommendations for Creating Effective Digital Signage Design

Crafting compelling digital signage content is the number one way to get the most out of your digital signage network. Here are all the key content recommendations you should follow.
WRITTEN BY: TelemetryTV, 03-02-2022
Top Recommendations for Creating Effective Digital Signage Design

Like any other digital medium, content is the number one selling point with digital signage. Just think about it: how much can you really expect to get out of your digital signage network if the content running on your screens is mediocre at best?


The simple answer: not a whole lot.


That’s why creating content for digital signage requires thoughtful planning and execution. Anything less will turn your digital signage investment into a major flop for your business.


With that said, crafting killer digital signage content doesn’t have to be rocket science. Following tried-and-true content best practices will almost guarantee that your content makes its mark in the minds of consumers.


Here are the top design recommendations for creating effective and eye-catching digital signage content.


Analyze your target audience


The very first thing you need to do when creating content for your screens is to take some time and really consider who your target audience is:


•   What are their needs and desires?

•   What are their pain points?

•   And what kind of information do you need to get to them for your brand to achieve its goals?


Why is this step so important to creating good digital signage content? Well, put simply, knowing exactly who your audience is down to a T will inform every decision you make when going about crafting content.


That’s because, in order for your content to make a big impact, your audience needs a good reason to pay attention to it. If it’s unhelpful or not entertaining, then chances are your screens will quickly be ignored.


Make sure content catches the eye


Digital signage content also needs to be high-quality for it to get the job done. Because, needless to say, content that is clunky, cluttered, or ugly definitely won’t catch the eye.


There are a few proven content design rules that you can follow to make sure your content always looks top-notch:


•   Keep it simple: content should be clean and crisp, i.e. avoid overly noisy designs

•   Choose colors that pop: bright, high contrast colors should also be prioritized

•   Highly readable fonts: fonts and text on your screens should always be easy to read

•   Prioritize video and motion: Video and motion elements are much more dynamic and memorable

•   Create a coherent brand image: content on your screens should always adhere to your existing brand identify


Doing each of these simple things will ensure that your content works to great effect.


Don’t forget calls-to-action


Creating great digital signage content in itself is the best way to make an impact on customers. But you also have to give them a nudge in the right direction sometimes.


This is where calls-to-action (CTAs) come into the equation. A call-to-action is basically any piece of content that encourages consumers to take a specific action with your business. In the realm of digital signage, this could be an on-screen retail prompt that pushes customers to buy a product while supplies last.


The best calls-to-action are simple and straightforward, use strong verbs, provoke emotions, give consumers a reason to take an action, and capitalize on FOMO using the idea of urgency (“Act now before it’s too late”).


Be creative and unique


This last one is pretty self-explanatory but is no less important. When designing content for digital signage, it’s important to let your brand’s creativity and uniqueness flourish.


If your content is stale, uninteresting, and the same as every other business’ then it’s probably not going to land as strongly. On the other hand, if it is fresh and new, then it’s going to nail the landing.


But creativity and uniqueness can mean a whole lot of different things to a whole lot of different people. For that reason, it’s important to try to make your digital signage content as interesting to others as possible.


A good way to do this is by doing informal focus grouping of the content to as many people as possible before running it on your screens. That way, you’ll have a good idea of the impact once it finally hits your digital signage displays.


Designing digital signage content with TelemetryTV


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