How to Choose the Right Content for Digital Signage

There are three main types of digital signage content: passive content, dynamic content, and interactive content. Here’s our guide on how to choose the right one for your business.
WRITTEN BY: TelemetryTV, 01-23-2022
How to Choose the Right Content for Digital Signage

Like any other type of content, digital signage content is often quite varied and nuanced. Sure, there are tried-and-true methods for creating killer digital signage content, but in terms of the types of content you can make, the only significant limitation is one’s own creativity.


That said, it’s vitally important that businesses spend the necessary time determining which types of content work best for their own situation and circumstance. To do this, organizations should thoughtfully consider two major questions.


First, what are the goals and objectives for their digital signage—i.e. what do they want to accomplish with their digital signage? This could range from boosting brand awareness or entertaining customers to providing wayfinding or increasing sales.


And, second, who is their key audience and how can digital signage satisfy their audience’s needs and desires? In short, what types of digital content can provide them with real value and/or solve their pain points.


If those two questions are answered, then building a robust digital signage content strategy shouldn’t be a problem. But before you can get started doing that, it’s important to learn the differences between the three main types of digital signage content and which is right for your business.


The main digital signage content types


1. Passive content


Passive content is typically defined as any content that is static in nature—i.e. it can’t be interacted with and doesn’t regularly change or update.


If we’re being completely honest, passive content is by far the least appealing and engaging type of digital signage content. For the most part, it’s stale and lifeless when compared to its effective counterparts.


In most cases, passive content defeats the entire point of installing digital signage since the number one reason to adopt digital signage over traditional signage is to give users the ability to view dynamic or interactive content—our next two content types.


2. Dynamic content


Dynamic content, on the other hand, is content that’s lively and spirited. In short, it can be defined as content that regularly changes and features video or other multimedia like motion graphics.


Unlike static content, dynamic content always feels fresh and interesting thanks to its visually appealing and constantly updating nature.


But just because dynamic content works better, doesn’t mean businesses should go overboard. Content should be dynamic while also maintaining a clean, crisp, and refrained appeal.


Because the last thing you want with your digital signage content is coming off as too noisy or cluttered. That type of content will only serve to dilute your brand’s digital signage messaging. 


3. Interactive content


The last type of content—and one of the hottest trends in digital signage—is interactive content. Interactive content is—just as it sounds—any content that is interacted with by users.


The main reason interactive content has taken off in recent years is because it constantly promotes active engagement—interacting with the screen—rather than passive engagement—simply sitting back and watching. This leads to more memorable and lasting consumer experiences.


And not only that, interactive digital signage such as self check-in kiosks or touchscreen digital menus are super convenient and can save your business a whole lot of cash on labor costs.


Not to mention that we feel at home interacting with and accomplishing things using screens—it’s the language we modern humans speak these days.


Getting started with digital signage content


At the end of the day, only your brand can determine which type of digital signage content is best when it comes to achieving your goals. The TelemetryTV digital signage app comes with dozens of free content creation tools built-in.


To learn more about installing digital signage, contact the experts at TelemetryTV today.

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