Top 10 Digital Signage Content Ideas and Mistakes to Avoid for Credit Unions and Banks

In order to make the most of your digital signage solution, great content is a must. Here’s what you should and shouldn’t use for content at your bank or credit union.  
WRITTEN BY: TelemetryTV, 11-19-2022
Top 10 Digital Signage Content Ideas and Mistakes to Avoid for Credit Unions and Banks

Knowing what actually works and what doesn’t is critical for your digital signage content strategy. Displaying the wrong things could annoy or even anger clients.

On the other hand, showing the right content can strengthen your relationship with them. Then, you’ll be able to use your digital signage as a tool to communicate better, establish rapport, support your brand, and even provide self-service for clients.

Below, we’ll go through some of the most common mistakes to avoid first, and then ten excellent bank digital signage content ideas to use instead.


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What to Avoid in Your Digital Signage Content

Showing irrelevant content

It goes without saying that your content should always be business appropriate. But how relevant it is matters too.

You don’t want anything random or out of the ordinary playing on your screens that doesn’t seem to fit in with your branding or the setting your screens are placed in.

Tag based playlists are a great way to prevent this from happening. With this feature, you can use advanced tag filtering rules to restrict or enable content on specific devices. Then, only what passes these filters will be able to be displayed.

Especially if you are delegating content management to people who are relatively new to your company or new to creating content, tag based playlists can be super helpful.

Showing Expired Content

Likewise, you want to make sure you are not showing content that is out of date, no longer accurate, or stale. Content should be relevant and always kept up to date. There’s no excuse to have it any other way, especially with the easy-to-use features included with your digital signage software.

With the playlist content scheduling feature, you can set exact times and dates for when and which screens your content plays on. Then, the media auto expire feature can automatically remove content from your playlists with expiry dates set by the user ahead of time.

With these, all you have to do is select the length of time that you want a piece of content to be displayed, set the time and date that you want it to stop showing on your displays, and the rest will happen on its own.

This creates a more hands-off approach that allows your team to save bandwidth for other tasks.

Zero Content Refresh

Having fresh content matters—especially for clients who come in and out of your bank often. If they keep seeing the same old playlists each and every time, they will glaze over them and completely ignore the messages there.

Avoid this by not just updating but replacing your content every so often. The more often, the better.

And if there are holidays coming up, adding themes to your playlists and including holiday related content is always fun. Just remember, with holiday content, a little bit goes a long way. Not every piece of content in your bank needs to embody the spirit of the season.

Being too Salesy

Your content shouldn’t be 100% focused on marketing your offerings to clients. It’s a good idea to mix in some content that feels more personal and helps establish rapport.

Then, clients will feel more personally connected to your bank and the people that work there.

An excellent way to accomplish this is by telling the story of your bank and even the story of its employees. You can create short videos that allow your bank’s staff tell a little about themselves, or trace the history of your bank and add photos and videos from significant events.

Only Using Static Content

Take full advantage of your digital medium by using more than just images and text. Video is a very compelling format. It’s much more eye-catching and can portray a lot more information at a time than images can.

That’s not to say that everything has to be video, but video is usually best. Moving graphics are great for the same reason—they draw people’s attention.

It’s good to use a combination of media in order to deliver the best content experience you can.

A useful tool that will allow you to add pretty much anything from the web into a window in your digital signage playlist is Web Screenshots. This feature lets you capture real-time content from a public website or internal intranet site and screenshare it in a window size of your choice.

This is a simple and effective way to add live videos or any other content in just a few clicks.

Focusing Only on Customers

Like being overly salesy, you don’t want to be too customer focused. It’s best to mix in content from other areas. That could be things like breast cancer awareness, content about local events, or really anything that you want.

Put simply, having a little variety is a good thing.

Top 10 Digital signage Content Ideas for Credit Unions & Banks

Now that you know what not to include, here are some of the top ideas for great banking digital signage content.

1. Promote Your Brand

Digital signs are extremely effective tools for delivering content visually. You should take advantage of this and display content that contributes to your unique brand identity, reinforces it, and garners brand loyalty from clients.

First of all, add brand attributes to your content, whether that be color schemes, the use of your brand voice, or any other elements that you feel fit your brand. Then, create more branded content that does a good job of delivering the messaging you need to get across while supporting your brand in the process.

Let your digital signs help elevate your brand.

2. Display Banking Formalities

Digital signage is an ideal way to display any banking formalities you need to communicate to your clients. This content can be pushed out to any screen of your choice with the click of a button, and updated in minutes in the event that you need to add, remove, or change anything.

Whether it's required information or just content you want your clients to know, digital screens are an ideal tool.

3. Real-Time Financial Updates

Digital displays are perfect for displaying information that’s subject to change in real-time. Currency exchange rates or any other real-time info that you want to display on your screens can be displayed from your content playlist, or directly from the web using the Web Screenshots features mentioned above.

Then, customers who want to exchange money for example will have your rates clearly displayed in front of them.

4. Digital Wayfinding

For larger branches, having a digital directory that shows clients where everything is and exactly how to get there is a great addition to your lobby.

Clients can simply search key terms in your digital wayfinding kiosk and they’ll be shown where they are in relation to where they’re currently standing. Then, the digital wayfinding solution will highlight the shortest path to get there.

5. On-Screen QR Codes

If there’s one thing that the pandemic showed us it’s how incredibly convenient QR codes are. Now that people use them for all kinds of things, you should include QR codes in your digital signage content.

They’re great for shortcuts to things like registration pages, brochures, or anything a user can view on their phone. Some people these days actually prefer QR codes since they’re a way of preventing wasted materials from paper pamphlets or documents.

Just don’t forget to add a CTA (call to action) that tells your clients to scan the code.

6. Reviews and Testimonials

Reviews are an important part of every business nowadays. In many ways, they determine a bank’s success. That’s why it’s a good idea to display testimonials and positive reviews on your digital signage.

You can display these from websites like Yelp! using Web Screenshots, or you can even create video testimonials and add them to your in-branch digital signage playlist.

7. Explanatory Videos

Offering educational content is always good. It lends credibility to your brand while helping people to understand things like financial concepts and investment options better.

Adding explanatory videos to your bank digital signage will add some variety. Plus, it might spark enough interest for some clients to choose some of your services that they might not previously have been considering.

8. Internal Communication

Digital signs aren’t just useful for communicating with clients. They’re also ideal for internal communications as employee-facing screens.

This could be for things like event announcements, updates, training, employee recognition, or anything that helps your team achieve its goals.

9. Market Wall

For clients who invest, a market wall that displays a variety of information will add value to your branch. You can use a video wall to display content from anywhere on the web.

Clients will enjoy seeing a large scale and more comprehensive view of market activities right there inside your bank as opposed to checking their phone for this information.

Your video wall can provide custom full pixel resolution, not just scaled images. The difference is that your giant display made up of several screens won’t sacrifice anything in terms of picture quality.

And with the TelemetryTV App Library, you can choose apps to display this content directly on your screens. It’s quick and easy to set up RSS feeds, live video streaming, and more.

10. News Feed and Informative Videos

Adding a screen that shows the daily news or other informative content gives clients even more value when stopping at your bank. This content adds variety and helps break up some of the customer-focused content while keeping people in the loop.

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