Where to Place Digital Signage in Shopping Malls: The Most Beneficial Locations

Malls and shopping centers all over the world are using digital signage to improve their CX and increase sales as a result. Here are the best areas to place digital signage and their use cases.
WRITTEN BY: TelemetryTV, 05-28-2022
Where to Place Digital Signage in Shopping Malls: The Most Beneficial Locations

By this point, it’s a given that digital signage enhances the shopper experience in a variety of ways in shopping malls. The important thing is to know where to place them and how to best use them.

Having a strategy for your digital signage content is a complete necessity. Otherwise, you won’t be using them to their full potential. And that strategy will be decided in part by where a particular screen is located.

In this article, we’ll go over some of the best areas to place your digital displays, and how you can use digital signage software like TelemetryTV to improve the CX in your shopping center.


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Where is Digital Signage Most Effective?

Ideally, you want your digital signage to be placed in high foot-traffic areas. That way, they’ll get the most views. Consider which parts of your mall have the highest concentration of passersby.

Or, consider where shoppers might be stationary for a while, that way you can deliver a higher number of ads, or longer and more detailed ads.

In open spaces

Intersecting pathways, central spaces and other wide-open areas are great spots to place your digital screens. People tend to congregate in these areas, whether they’re resting a minute, getting themselves oriented, or simply hanging out.

Not only is there plenty of room for multiple screens, there should be a higher number of people at least passing through.

In washrooms

One of the best but most overlooked spots for mall digital signage is in washrooms. People in restrooms are stationary enough to see more than one ad before they’re ready to leave.

It’s low-key prime real estate for advertising.

In food courts

Digital menu boards for restaurants and QSRs are a major step up from printed poster menus. They provide a dynamic, attention-grabbing way to show mouth-watering HD content.

That stimulates the appetite of shoppers and helps to promote various menu items. Videos of the food being prepared or served entice people into buying decisions.

Also, digital signs are easily updateable. If a restaurant runs out of a menu item, or needs to adjust a price, they can easier log into their cloud-based CMS (content management system) and do so in minutes.

In parking garages

Covered parking areas offer plenty of real estate for digital signage. With shoppers coming in and out all day long, whether it’s passing by looking for a spot or on foot walking toward the escalators or elevators, you have at least one opportunity to grab their attention.

Digital wayfinding stations

Getting shoppers oriented is so much easier with an interactive digital wayfinding kiosk. They’ll be able to use interactive maps that highlight the fastest route to their destination, along with what’s on the way.

With digital wayfinding, shoppers can search for keywords like “shoes” to see a list of all the shoe stores in your mall. Bathrooms, exits, parking areas—anything is searching on interactive wayfinding screens.

These wayfinding kiosks can be placed by entrances, at intersecting pathways, or in central areas. That way, people are guaranteed to pass at least one at some point during their visit to your mall.

In-store digital signage

Whether they’re employee-facing screens or screens advertising sales or promos, in-store digital signage is a great tool for retailers to enhance the shopper experience and deliver their messaging affectively at the same time.

Not only is retail digital signage super useful for getting the point across efficiently, its bright, dynamic nature can help boost revenue by grabbing attention and garnering more interest in various deals.

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