How Digital Storefronts Draw Attention to Your Business

Digital storefronts powered by digital signage can significantly increase foot traffic into your brick-and-mortar retail store. Here’s everything you need to know.
WRITTEN BY: TelemetryTV, 02-12-2022
How Digital Storefronts Draw Attention to Your Business

Traditionally, the idea of a digital storefront referred to the webpage that shoppers initially interact with when visiting an online store. Think of it as the first impression someone has with an online retailer.


But, thanks to digital signage, digital storefronts are now increasingly being incorporated into brick-and-mortar retail stores as well. And just like their web counterpart, digital storefronts at physical stores are also meant to make a killer first impression on consumers.


What are digital storefronts?


A digital storefront is the electronic representation of your store that customers first see when visiting your store—whether it be on the web or in the real world.


Digital signage-powered storefronts are becoming increasingly popular in places like malls, airports, and shopping centers as well as other places with high foot traffic and plenty of stores. 


Put simply, a digital signage storefront refers to the use of screens placed in front of physical stores that are meant to draw would-be shoppers in.


Why you should use digital storefronts for your business


As we mentioned earlier, a digital storefront is the first impression your business makes on shoppers. And, of course, first impressions mean everything.


This means that digital signage near store entrances offers an additional avenue to build your brand awareness, attract shoppers into your store, and ultimately drive your sales numbers higher.


But you can’t just install a few screens at the front of your retail shop and expect amazing results. Content is the real game-changer.


To reap numerous benefits for your business, your brick-and-mortar digital storefront needs to run content that is clean, crisp, informative, entertaining, and—most of all—piques the interest of passing shoppers.


If you do all those things, there’s no reason why a digital signage-powered storefront can’t take your retail business to new heights.


What you can show on your digital storefront


1. Highlight promotions and deals to increase sales


The most obvious way that stores boost their sales numbers is by drawing customers in with hot deals and promotions. Everyone loves a great sale, after all.


Digital storefronts are one of the best ways to show off these limited-time bargains to potential shoppers as they come within eyesight of your store.


And what’s best is that promotions running on your front-of-store digital signage trump that of promotions on traditional signage. That’s because digital signage is much more eye-catching thanks to its dynamic, high-resolution nature.


2. Tell customers about new collections


Another way to really elicit interest in the minds of would-be shoppers is by showcasing the new collections and product offerings your store has on hand.


A lot of shoppers might mistakenly assume that your store’s shelves are stocked with the same goods and items as the last time they went in. Without a digital storefront, they’d never know about the new product line you recently got in.


Digital storefronts should also be used to let shoppers know exactly what they can expect from your in-store shopping experience.


3. Use branded content to build brand awareness


Let’s be honest, many consumers choose where they shop based on one factor alone: brand reputation.


That’s why it’s important to push your brand identity, brand story, and brand mission wherever and whenever you have the chance. Digital signage storefronts are no exception.


This means that all the content you run on the screens at the front of your store should adhere to a cogent brand image as well as increase awareness of your brand. Anything less would be a missed opportunity.


Digital storefronts make your store look more modern and attractive


On top of all those things, a high-quality digital storefront can make your store way more attractive to consumers who appreciate a modern and sleek shopping experience.


That’s because digital displays near the entrance of your store are a sign that your brand is with the times, forward-thinking, and trendy. Traditional signage, on the other hand, feels stale and lifeless in comparison.


Building a digital storefront for your brick-and-mortar presence


If you’re interested in installing a digital storefront for your physical retail location as well as your online store, then TelemetryTV’s all-in-one digital signage app can help.


Retailers can quickly and easily create content for their front-of-store digital signage displays that can boost their brand, increase sales, and show off their products in new and unique ways.


To learn more, visit the TelemetryTV site and try a 14-day free trial.

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