How to Improve the Effectiveness of Digital Signage in 2022

Making the switch to digital signage is a great first step. Next is learning how to make the most of it. Check out our top tips here
WRITTEN BY: TelemetryTV, 05-28-2022
How to Improve the Effectiveness of Digital Signage in 2022

Marketing in all of its forms is all about getting ahead of the pack, and digital signage content is no exception. Obviously, standing out is key, but the best ways to do that are constantly changing with the times.

What you don’t want is to be using the tips and tricks of yesteryear while everyone else passes you by with the latest methods to attract attention and compel action.

That leaves us with the question, how do you create great digital signage in 2022?

In this article, we at TelemetryTV tell you all of the latest and best advice for leveraging your network of digital screens.


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Adhere to Digital Signage Best Practices

First of all, make sure you know the basics. We’ll keep it brief on this one since we already have an entire article dedicated to digital signage best practices.

Digital signage best practices include using:

  • High definition content
  • High brightness settings on your displays
  • High contrast (think 60-30-10 color rule)
  • Limited text per slide
  • Content that avoids anything controversial or edgy
  • Branded content throughout

Once you have using digital signage figured out, then turn your attention to your digital signage content strategy.

Develop Digital Signage Content Strategies

Being strategic with your approach to digital signage content is a must. Know who your audience is for each playlist and how to reach them.

Each screen or set of screens should have its own individual strategy based on its location, function, and the demographic of people who will come into contact with it the most.

Basic marketing concepts apply to digital signs of all types and with all sorts of functions. But in order to get the absolute most out of your signs, you need more than just one strategy.

Use Dynamic Content

Your digital screens have much more to offer than traditional static signs in terms of what you can display. First and foremost, you should use this to your advantage by adding videos and graphics to your content playlists.

That fact is, dynamic content catches the eye more than static content like posters or printed signage. It turns heads and captures the attention of passersby—which is exactly what you want.

That’s not to say that all of your content has to be moving though. You can mix it in with other content, such as images and text. Depending on what the digital sign is being used for, certain content can still be basic. But as a rule of thumb, dynamic is better.

Use Touch Screen Displays

Interactive content is a major plus. It allows the viewers to physically engage with your content, making it an experience rather than a simple viewing.

Brochures, menus, maps—just about any digital content you want can be interactive with buttons, executable pages, pinch and zoom features and more.

Interactive screens also allow you to gather valuable customer data, such contact information from forms, page dwell time, or touchpoint data. You can then use this insight to refine and improve your content.

Add Photo and Video Galleries

Photo and video galleries are an excellent way to add an interactive digital signage effect. Users these days prefer consuming content on smartphones, tablets, and computer screens. That’s why you should deliver your content on digital screens.

Especially when it comes to viewing photos, people are simply used to seeing them on digital screens, AND being able to interact with them.

Making your media galleries interactive encourages engagement. And obviously, the more people that engage with your content, the better.

Include sets of videos and images with your case studies, staff profiles, and e-brochures. It’ll get people to interact more.

Include Customer Reviews and Product Ratings

Share content on your digital screens about your highest rated products or services, customer testimonials, and even social media shoutouts. People should know how much your customers loved your products or services and how they benefitted them. And there’s no better source than from the horse’s mouth.

For social media posts, set up a feed that shows everything you were tagged in or mentioned on (after approval of course). Encourage customers to engage with your social media channels and post pictures from one of your locations or tag you in their posts in exchange for discounts, freebies, or entrance into a giveaway.

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