Digital Signage in Retail Benefits—Top 5 Advantages

Retailers—big and small—are adopting digital signage and gaining a wide range of business-boosting benefits. Here are the top benefits of digital signage in retail.
WRITTEN BY: TelemetryTV, 04-08-2022
Digital Signage in Retail Benefits—Top 5 Advantages

Every day, more and more retailers are deciding to adopt a digital signage system with software like TelemetryTV to take their businesses to new heights. And it’s not just a trend.

Put simply, digital signage offers a large number of business-boosting benefits specifically aimed at the retail industry. Benefits that otherwise would be very hard to come by without the help of digital signage.

With that said, here are the top advantages of using digital signage in retail.


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Top benefits of digital signage in retail

1. Increased sales

The most obvious and by far most important advantage of retail digital signage is the fact that when used correctly it will almost certainly lead to higher sales numbers.

That’s because first and foremost, digital signage allows retailers to do things like showcase their products in gorgeous UHD or 4K, highlight limited sales and promotions that drive foot traffic into their store, and offer things like loyalty program sign-ups at the point of purchase.

And those things only scratch the surface. The use cases for digital signs in retail stores are nearly limitless. Almost all of which can increase in-store sales.

2. Captures attention

People these days spend long amounts of time looking at screens. We are used to it. It’s where we expect to take in information.

So, needless to say, installing screens in your retail store will attract much more attention than boring traditional signage.

That’s because our eyes naturally move to screens in their vicinity as well as the simple fact that modern digital displays are large and the content running on them—when designed correctly—is oftentimes dynamic and beautiful to look at.

3. Influence on purchasing decisions

Digital signage for retail can also have a huge influence on the purchasing decisions of your customers. There are a few ways this can be done.

First, digital signs at the point of sale (POS) can upsell consumers, offer them additional products that might pique their interest, or offer them loyalty programs or member benefits.

Second, digital displays can be used to showcase products more interestingly and dynamically. In a fashion store, this could involve interactive digital signage that allows users to virtually try on an item before purchasing it to see if it’s a good fit.

And finally, screens in your store can be used to push limited-time specials or hot deals that will drive consumers looking for a good bargain to make a purchase.

4. Make more products available

Digital signage also has the ability to bridge your physical store with your online store—and in turn, give customers access to a much wider selection of inventory than only what you have on hand in-store.

And this is very simply done. If a customer can’t find a certain product in-store, they could head over to one of your interactive kiosks to check if it’s available in your online selection of products.

This is not just convenient for your customers, but it also will undoubtedly lead to boosted sales.

5. Showcase sales and promotions in real-time

Retailers need to be able to move quickly. With retail digital signage, promotions and sales can be updated and displayed with just a few clicks of a mouse to reflect your store’s inventory and goals.

Is your business running a bit slow today? No problem. Just launch a flash sale on your front of store screens to drive more consumers into your store.

Get started with digital signage for retail

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