Why You Should Invest in Digital Signage in 2022

Digital signage has gotten both cheaper and more effective in recent years. That trend doesn’t look likely to slow down anytime soon. Here are all the reasons why you should invest in digital signage in 2022.
WRITTEN BY: TelemetryTV, 03-02-2022
Why You Should Invest in Digital Signage in 2022

Thanks to the massive strides in the underlying tech, digital signage is now much less costly to install and much more effective at helping businesses achieve their goals.


That’s why you’re more likely than ever to run into some form of digital signage these days when shopping, going to a restaurant, taking public transportation, etc. Nowadays, digital signage is pretty much everywhere you look.


That begs the question, why has digital signage seen such a huge rise in adoption in recent years? It’s primarily due to three major factors:


1.  Digital signage’s unmatched potential when it comes to making companies more effective and efficient.

2.  The reduction in costs associated with powering a digital signage network.

3.  And its increased ease of use.


Put simply, digital signage isn’t a tool that only the largest businesses and organizations can afford anymore. Now, small and medium-sized businesses can also get in on the digital signage action as well.


With that said, here are the top reasons why you should invest in digital signage in 2022.


Cost reduction and better efficiency


As we alluded to before, digital signage is much more cost-effective than ever before.


Because just like your home TV screen, commercial screens most commonly used for digital signage have also drastically dropped in price, making them more accessible investments for companies—small and large.


On top of that, digital signage is also more efficient than ever before. It doesn’t take a dedicated team of digital signage experts to operate your screens and software. And it also doesn’t take a team of content creators to make suitable content run on your screens.


That’s because everything from installing digital displays to crafting effective content is extremely easy these days, thanks to cheap and easy-to-use devices, free content creation tools, and affordable cloud-based digital signage software.


Real-time advertising monitoring


One of the hottest trends in digital signage right now is leveraging screens for marketing purposes. What exactly do we mean by this?


Well, simply put, companies in search of extra revenue can sell advertising space on their screens to bring in additional profit. And the extra revenue is significant considering how eye-catching digital displays can be when placed in high-traffic areas.


The best digital signage content management systems (CMS) also help businesses monitor ads on their screens in order to ensure optimal ad up-time and to make sure ad campaigns are performing up to snuff.


Built-in marketing dashboards can show ad campaign performance on highly digestible digital marketing dashboards, which can be customized to show a variety of data and metrics.


Increase customer engagement


One of the top reasons to invest in digital signage is the ability to engage with customers in new and meaningful ways—and, as a result, attract and retain more customers.


Here are just a few of the ways that investing in a digital signage network improves customer engagement:


•   Displays allow businesses to build brand awareness

•   Content on screens can be used to push consumers to action—like CTAs

•   Touchscreens increase interaction, which leads to more engagement

•   Content can be highly targeted to those who want or need to see it

•   Self-service screens like digital menus or check-in kiosks give customers more convenience


Digital signage increases sales because of dynamic content


On a similar note, the content you run on your digital signage screens can also lead to higher sales numbers for retailers, driving up the ROI from your digital signage investment.


The most obvious way digital signage boosts sales is by allowing businesses to showcase hot promotions, limited-time specials, and the like. These bargain deals, which can be highlighted on your screens at the entrance of your store, are the perfect way to drive more foot traffic into your shop.


Digital signage content—when done correctly—can both wow customers and drive them to make purchasing decisions. Content that is crisp, visually stunning, and dynamic will make your digital signage investment all the more worthwhile.


Update digital signage content at a moment’s notice


Perhaps the number one benefit of digital signage is its ability to be quickly and easily updated at the drop of a hat. And because digital signage can be updated in real-time with a few clicks of a mouse, it is extremely versatile and flexible.


For example, say there is an emergency situation taking place in your building. Digital displays can be quickly updated to show detailed information on how individuals should best respond to the crisis—making everyone safer.


Or, as another example, say that your restaurant sells out of a menu item. Digital menus can easily be updated on the fly to reflect that fact so no customers try to unsuccessfully order it.


Digital signage’s ability to update in real-time is a massive step up from traditional signage—which can be extremely costly, time-consuming, and bad for the environment to constantly update.


Investing in digital signage in 2022


If 2022 feels like the right year for your business to adopt digital signage and reap the benefits that come along with it, then why not head over to TelemetryTV and try a 14-day free trial. The numerous benefits you’ll reap will result in a significant increase in efficiency and revenue.


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