How Digital Signage in Washrooms is an Effective Advertising Solution

Bathroom digital signage gives businesses an additional revenue source by running ads for local businesses. Here’s everything you need to know.
WRITTEN BY: TelemetryTV, 05-12-2022
How Digital Signage in Washrooms is an Effective Advertising Solution

Most businesses—at least the most successful ones—are always on the prowl for additional revenue streams to take advantage of. Digital signage software like TelemetryTV, as any company that uses it knows, provides many of these opportunities.


Perhaps the most obvious way that digital signage boosts revenue for companies, though, is through on-site advertising. Basically, this refers to businesses installing screens and then selling ad space on those screens to marketers looking to advertise their product or service.


Why digital signage in bathrooms is a great advertising solution


Digital signage for washrooms lets businesses add an additional revenue stream to their repertoire. And this is especially the case in establishments that see heavy foot traffic such as malls, stadiums, restaurants, bars, office buildings, cinemas, universities, retail stores, airports, and so on.


With people going in and out of the washroom all day, prospective marketers will surely want to advertise their product or service there. It’s a win for both advertisers and the businesses who invest in digital signage in the first place.



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Advantages of restroom digital signage


1. Captive audience


The number one reason why digital signage in toilet areas is so effective boils down to the fact that it is targeting a “captive audience”.


This simply means that when people go to the restroom, they really don’t have much of a choice to leave or not listen to the ads.


This is a huge selling point to advertisers.


2. Bathroom digital signage trumps traditional signage


Unlike traditional signage, which features only the printed advertisement in question, digital signage offers customizable playlists that can cycle through a large number of ads throughout the day.


On top of that, ads on restroom digital signage are much more eye-catching, thanks to their modern, dynamic, and visually appealing nature. Frankly, people’s eyes are much more likely to look to a high-definition screen with video and motion graphics rather than some stale print advertisement.


3. Low cost, high return on investment


Investing in washroom digital signage might seem expensive, but actually, that’s not entirely the case.


Sure, you will pay upfront, but in the long run, it pays off thanks to low maintenance costs and significant returns on investment through the selling of ad space.


Additionally, by installing digital signage in your business’ restrooms, you’ll no longer have to spend loads of cash on printing costs in the future. That’s a huge plus.


How to select content for digital signage in washrooms


As mentioned earlier, people who enter restrooms are a captive audience. They stay for a somewhat extended period of time so it’s not always required that content be super quick and to the point, which is typically the case with digital signage content.


Longer videos and ad content can be used to make a more memorable impact in the minds of the consumers who see it while using the toilet, washing their hands, and entering or exiting the bathroom.


But that doesn’t mean content should overstay its welcome. Content should be rotated via your digital signage app’s playlists so it never becomes repetitive or boring for the customer.


Other types of content you can run on bathroom digital signage


On top of marketing content, other content can also be run on the screens in your washroom in order to gain valuable benefits.


First, digital displays in your bathroom can be used to remind customers to always practice proper hygiene like washing their hands prior to leaving the toilet.


Second, you could also use your washroom digital signage to upsell or cross-sell to customers. Or to show them promotional deals such as happy hour specials or things like opening and closing hours.


Finally, your restroom screens can be used to highlight upcoming events inside of your establishment or to showcase upcoming community-wide events such as festivals or charity drives.


Getting started with digital signage for washrooms


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Digital signage is the future of advertising. Then sooner you adopt a robust digital signage system, the sooner you can leverage it as a passive income stream.

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