Digital Signage for Real Estate: How it Helps

Retailers—big and small—are adopting digital signage and gaining a wide range of business-boosting benefits. Here are the top benefits of digital signage in retail.
WRITTEN BY: TelemetryTV, 05-12-2022
Digital Signage for Real Estate: How it Helps

Real estate is one of the few remaining industries late to adopt digital signage. Unlike most other industries, very few real estate companies are using digital signage to boost their businesses.

Why—you might be wondering—should real estate offices use digital signage software like TelemetryTV? Well, digital signage has many advantages over traditional signage. And, digital signage has many specific use cases that fit perfectly in the realm of real estate.

With that said, here is how real estate offices can use digital signage and all the benefits they can expect to reap from doing so.

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How to use digital signage in real estate

Update property listings within seconds

If there is one thing we know about the real estate market, it’s that things can move pretty fast. Properties sell, new listings pop up, sellers back out, the list goes on.  

Thankfully, unlike traditional signage, when property listings need updating, it can be done with just a few clicks in your digital signage CMS and then sent out to your office’s screens.

This ability to update listings in real-time will save your real estate company both time and money. And your content will always be 100% up-to-date when customers enter your office.

Promote property listings at the front of your office

Marketing and promotion are everything when it comes to running a successful real estate business. Of course, buying ad space and word-of-mouth marketing are the go-to options but don’t stop there.

Large digital displays at the front of your office provide a great opportunity to showcase property listings and property highlights to people passing by. This is especially the case if your real estate office is in an area that gets heavy foot traffic.

These screens can also display things like realtor bios, customer testimonials, your company’s social media accounts, open house dates, and other branded content.

Virtual property tours

In the past, traditional signage only allowed real estate firms to show pictures of property listings to prospective clients who entered their offices. With digital signage, real estate companies can now offer full-on virtual tours of homes or commercial properties that include video and photo elements.

This is a huge plus for real estate companies because it allows clients to sift through a wide range of homes without having to go there in person—letting customers quickly identify houses they like and options they would eliminate within seconds of entering.

On top of that, these virtual property tours can highlight things like neighborhood information, property values in the area, home amenities, and more.

Top benefits of real estate digital signage

Sell more properties

Of course, the number one goal of any real estate firm is to sell as many properties as possible. And with digital signage, selling more properties is much more likely.

That’s because digital signage can:

1.  Better promote your property listings

2.  Streamline your office’s operations

3.  Make clients more aware and knowledgeable of potential properties

4.  Showcase your properties in a much more attractive and modern manner

All of these things will lead to higher sales for your real estate business.

Save time and costs

Not only will real estate digital signage boost your sales, but it will also help save both time and money. This is due to two major factors.

First, while digital signage costs more upfront, it allows real estate offices to eliminate the need for a huge amount of printing costs they used to spend printing out fliers, property ads, and things like open house schedules. With digital signage, all this information can be displayed on eye-catching screens in your office.

Second, as mentioned before, digital signage makes updating things like property listings and open house dates super simple. Instead of having to print off new material to reflect these updates, an employee can log into your cloud-based CMS (content management system) and make the changes in minutes. 

Highly targeted property listings

Many real estate businesses have multiple offices in very different areas with very different client bases. For this reason, simply promoting the same property listings across all your office locations won’t cut it. Each client base has its own unique needs and desires.

Digital signage helps real estate companies tailor content to the specific needs and desires of specific clienteles in specific areas. For example, customers in urban environments won’t be in search of the same types of properties as those looking for a more relaxed suburban setting.

Real estate digital signage allows users to target content to multiple screens across many locations or down to an individual screen in a specific location. Wherever or whoever you need to get content to, digital signage can help make it happen.

Top TelemetryTV digital signage solutions for real estate offices

•   Content scheduling

•   Customizable playlists

•   Free content creation tools

•   Easy-to-use templates

•   Video integration (up to 4K)

•   Social media integration

•   Events and notices apps

•   Website display

Getting started with TelemetryTV for real estate digital signage

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